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2012-02-19 05:34 pm
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I don't always post to dreamwidth, but when I do it's about HP

Underneath the cut is a comment I made on a discussion post at [ profile] hp_headcanon on LJ about the epilogue and general responses to it. I also made a discussion post on [ profile] hg_silverlining recently about a somewhat related topic: the plot-device of Harry and Ginny being divorced. I guess I've been doing a lot of thinking about families and different ways they operate, so it's interesting to see what other people think on the subject.

thoughts on the epilogue )
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2011-12-26 07:12 pm
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First post

So, I don't have many friends/acquaintances on dreamwidth, but I've been using LJ on-and-off for five or six years (under different names and circumstances each time) but I decided to branch out to different cites. I write fanfiction and I don't appreciate a lot of the changes and decisions LJ has made in the past few years, and I generally like the way this site is organized, so here I am.

All of my writing is currently housed on LJ, but eventually I'd like to move it all to dreamwidth. You can read my fanfiction here.