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Underneath the cut is a comment I made on a discussion post at [ profile] hp_headcanon on LJ about the epilogue and general responses to it. I also made a discussion post on [ profile] hg_silverlining recently about a somewhat related topic: the plot-device of Harry and Ginny being divorced. I guess I've been doing a lot of thinking about families and different ways they operate, so it's interesting to see what other people think on the subject.

Since most don't seem to like the epilogue, I'll share some of the reasons why I thought it wasn't that bad. I'm not a huge fan, but at the same time there were parts of it I enjoyed. It was nice to see Harry with the family he never got to have--it showed that even though some really horrible, messed up things did happen, there's still good in the world. I like that message. It seems like a very JKR thing to drive home.

I didn't really like the ridiculous names, but I do think that Hr/R and H/G are both couples that could work. Ron and Hermione both love to argue, and as we see a million times in the books they always make up. There are some marriages that are like that, and the people in them are/can be genuinely happy, so I don't see the "they don't get along" thing as a dismissal. That's just how they operate together. I could imagine Ron learning to appreciate Hermione more as he got older and Hermione being less determined to always be right. As adults with children they probably don't operate the exact same way as when they were seventeen, which is normal and to be expected, so there is definitely a framework for a long-term relationship there.

As far as the presence of H/G in the epilogue, I'm disappointed when people describe Ginny as shallow/etc. because I see that as willful ignorance by the reader. H/G works because they have similar interests, a similar sense of humor, a similar desire for a family, etc. Plus, Ginny is one of the only characters to call Harry out when he's being moody/ridiculous, and he seems to listen to her (as we see in OotP and HBP). There are probably zero H/G shippers on this thread (besides me), but while I like the canon couples I appreciate Snarry and H/D and other unlikely fanfic pairings because its fun to read about. But that's just how I feel on the subject. I understand that there are people who just don't like either of these pairings, and that's okay, but I do think it's worthwhile to understand why JKR chose to pair them together in the first place.

What makes the epilogue hard to digest is the lack of transition. We go from a very heavy, action-packed ending in DH to this absurdly normal scene in the epilogue. I feel like people would accept it more if there had been some way to make the shift less jarring, but unless she committed to write more books there wasn't really a way for JKR to establish what she saw as the long-term result of the characters. I guess she just wanted readers to get the full ending, even if (in my opinion) it wasn't the best way in go about doing it.

But the epilogue did give a new pairing for the H/D shippers in As/S. Or that was my impression when I first read it. They're like the second generation of H/D. I like As/S, but that's a whole separate topic I could go on about.


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